Indiabhai was the final piece missing in the jigsaw puzzle of UPSC for me. He demystified answer writing and improved my haphazard writing to thoroughly structured ones.

I used to hesitate writing answers thinking that I am not good enough.ButIndiabhai’s encouragement and prompt reply to my various doubts did increase my confidence.

He gave me vital inputs to improve my answer writing and VISIBILITY of answers in mains.The quality of questions are top notch and model answers are the one of the best among all the institutes out there.

Sharing of BEST COPY of various individual and full tests also helped in improving my approach to answer writing.

Prompt checking and well defined marking pattern is the USP of CMP. Indiabhai strives for customized guidance leading to a very good success ratio for clearing the exam.

Topics of essay papers were also thought provoking. His guidance for Ethics paper is also very very good. Even 10 minutes before the ethics paper he was there for me clearing a few doubts I had.

As against the other UPSC test series commercial aspect is negligible in indiabhai’s CMP. He also helped in my interview preparation.

From a very formal relations of mentor-mentee he has become my friend, philosopher and guide of sorts.

Thanks Indiabhai  !!

In my earlier testimonial I had hoped to clear the exam and now I have cleared the exam, a lot of credit for this goes to india bhai.


Pranav Agja, (AIR 580, CSE 2021) (AIR 755, CSE 2019)