Complete Integrated Mentorship Program (CMP) For UPSC 2025

Dear 2025 Candidates,
I hope those who are targeting for UPSC Mains 2024 are preparing well. Those who have not prepared for Mains should try to complete all reading of syllabus at least once then only join any test series. Before joining any test series, get a feedback of it from those who had done it previously.

We at India Bhai IAS Mentorship Institute has launched our flagship Complete Mentorship Program (Mains) (since 2016) which is amalgamation of Test Series, Mentorship and Hand Holding program. This is the only unique program which provides all sorts of solutions to all problems/issues related to UPSC Mains & Prelims preparation. Some of the unique feature of the program includes:

Why Choose India Bhai Mentorship

  • Standard of questions in CMP Test Series matches with UPSC Mains questions standards. This will help students to get practice on similar questions targeted in UPSC Mains Examination.
  • Standard model answers with some of the best copies of other candidates, after every tests are provided, so that students know the exact requirement of each answers. They can compare their answers with model answer and best copy and thus get the right approach towards UPSC Mains Answer writing.
  • We are a team of UPSC selected candidates who are there to correct copies and provide candidates the mentorship call after each tests. Since they themselves have cracked the exam, who can guide better than them?
  • A Maximum of 7 days for copy evaluation after it is submitted by the students. After evaluation, students can call the concerned mentor and get the feedback/doubts about the tests directly from the evaluator/mentor.
  • Whatever the students/candidates are advised by the mentor can be incorporated in their next tests. Thus after few tests, the students know exactly how to write marks fetching answers in UPSC.
  • Very insightful 4-5 webinars by India Bhai which will be providing the students, ways and means to score more than their own potential in mains examination. There will be tips and tricks to be shared by India Bhai in the webinar to help student's maximise their mains marks very easily. He will be telling students such mistakes with most of the candidates commit during Maine Exam knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Certain Do's and Don't about the writing answers in Mains Examination will be shared by India Bhai & other Mentors during mentor call and other discussions. Students/ Candidates are adviced to follow the suggestions.
  • The test series is totally flexible w.r.t. dates. This will help students to modify test series as per their own study plan. Students can postpone or even prepone their tests after requesting for the same.
  • The various study materials which is essential for students (a must read) for Mains, will also be shared in separate private telegram group.
  • Full time Mentor support of @IndiaBhai will be present. Students can call or message @IndiaBhai anytime, in case of any query or mentor support or any sort of help regarding UPSC preparation

All these will be provided by our flagship Integrated Mentorship Program (Prelims & Mains 2024 to help YOU clear this exam if YOU are ready to work with us for your selection.

In case of any doubt/query message @IndiaBhai with name, E-mail, Mobile, optional subject & no.of attempts.